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May 13, 2019
Update on Rain Gardens and other Friends of the Rouge work
May 20, 2019
May 27, 2019
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Jun 03, 2019 5:30 PM
Dedication of Plaque to Mildred Brown
Jun 10, 2019
Jul 01, 2019
Jul 08, 2019
Cultural Diversity
Jul 15, 2019
Jul 22, 2019
"Big Things Have Small Beginnings"
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Jun 13, 2019 - Jun 15, 2019
Meet the Governor Night
Jun 25, 2019
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President's Message
Susan Kowalski
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Greetings Fellow Rotarians,
Welcome to our May edition of the Canton Rotator.  We are happy to have you as a subscriber. 
As I write this President's Message, our Little Free Library is being installed in Griffin Park.  Members Bill and John got the posts ready for installation about three weeks ago, the Township workers then augured out the hole and set the posts, and today we finally get to put our Library in place!  It's been a long journey, but the weather has finally cooperated, Bill and John's schedules align, and the rain has stopped for now.  I will go down to the site in a little while and get some pictures which I will post on our website along with other pictures during construction.  This concludes our District Grant project in cooperation with Canton Township.  And we are now working on the application for two new grants.  I will talk about those next month.
The weather has also had a major influence on our attempt to dedicate the memorial plaque to Mildred Brown.  The dedication is now scheduled for June 3rd at 5:30 p.m.  We will be designating one of the trees we planted near the Veterans' Memorial in Heritage Park for this purpose.  The third of June is our monthly evening meeting, so we will meet at Heritage Park to dedicate the plaque at 5:30 p.m. and will then adjourn to L A Bistro for dinner and fellowship.  I hope that all of our members are able to attend, and we invite any of our friends who would like to attend to be with us also. 
Remember to keep July 15th open for our noon meeting and the installation of officers.  This meeting is an important meeting for all of our members to attend and to welcome Lisa Kennedy as our new President.  We also invite Friends of the Club to attend.  If you would like to attend this meeting, please call (734-968-1436) or e-mail ( Sue Kowalski and let us know to expect you so that the restaurant can plan for food. 
I hope everyone has a great month of May! 
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Susan Kowalski
May 4
Lisa Kennedy
May 20
Souheil Johair
May 29
Lisa Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
May 21
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Crime Stoppers of Michigan
Our guest speaker today was Matthew Conquest from Crime Stoppers of Michigan who spoke about Crime Stoppers and his work there as well as senior citizen scams.  Welcome Matthew!
We met today and enjoyed a great lunch at L A Bistro filled with fellowship with our fellow Rotarians.   We were all reminded to finish our backpack project for District Conference and bring the completed backpacks to our next meeting in the evening on May 6th.  So far we have three completed backpacks.  These backpacks will go to the United Way in Windsor to be distributed to the Windsor-Essex School District.  Thanks to everyone for their help in this project.  Everyone is reminded that next week is our monthly evening meeting at 6:00 p.m. at L A Bistro.  For our evening meeting on June 3rd, we will meet at Heritage Park at 5:30 p.m. by the Veterans' Memorial to dedicate a plaque to Mildred Brown.  After the dedication, we will adjourn to L A Bistro for dinner and fellowship.  Please make every effort to attend this meeting and honor Mildred Brown.
After lunch we heard from Matthew Conquest from Crime Stoppers of Michigan.  Crime Stoppers was started in New Mexico in 1976.  Since its inception Crime Stoppers has helped law enforcement agencies close approximately one million cases, while paying tipsters over one hundred million dollars.  Crime Stoppers of Michigan includes the counties of Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston, Oakland, Macomb, and St. Clair. 
The flow of an anonymous tip:
  • Anonymous tip is called into an independent call center at Dallas, Texas, where the tipster is given a reference number for follow up.
  • Tip is submitted and viewed at Crime Stoppers through a P3 Tips program.
  • Tip is relayed by the Crime Stoppers law enforcement liaison to the proper law enforcement agency.
  • Law enforcement determines if the tip is usable - when a tip leads to an arrest (not conviction) - the tipster is entitled to a reward.
  • The tipster can call the Crime Stoppers Southfield office with their reference number to find out what the status of their tip is.  If their tip resulted in an arrest, the reward court should approve an award amount.
  • The tipster would be advised of Area Banks where they will be able to pick up their reward and remain anonymous as no identification is required, only the tip reference number and the reward amount is.
Rewards range from $100 to $2,500.  Homicides/Missing Persons and Hit & Run fatalities are eligible for up to $2,500.  All other crimes are eligible for up to $1,000.  The reward court (referred to above) is an independent group made up of business, banking, and law enforcement representatives who review each tip as well as the law enforcement agencies feedback to determine if a tip should be rewarded.  They meet once a month. 
Our speaker, Matthew Conquest, offered several interesting stories from his career as examples of what Crime Stoppers does.  Mr. Conquest has served as the Director of Law Enforcement for Crime Stoppers of Michigan for the last four years.  He is a retired Police Detective Sergeant and a graduate of Ferris State University.  In addition to speaking to community organizations, he educates law enforcers at the city, state, and federal level about the services Crime Stoppers uses to assist them.
We thank Matthew for his very interesting and informative talk.  Matthew loves his job and loves speaking to community groups.  His enthusiasm and dedication were contagious! 
We adjourned on time and we wish everyone a great week!
Proposal for Canton Artist Laureate
Today Sue Schwantz and John Mullinax outlined a proposal to create an Artist Laureate in Canton. 
Today Sue Schwantz and John Mullinax presented a program unveiling the proposal for an Artist Laureate Program in Canton.  This program is being put together by the Canton Commission for Culture, Arts, and Heritage and will be the second such program in the State of Michigan.  The goal is to establish Cherry Hill Village as a Regional Arts Hub for art and cultural in the community and the surrounding area.  There will be a $10,000 cash award given each year to the artist chosen who must live or have a studio in Canton.  The artist will be expected to hold 2 art shows plus 1 community outreach program during the year, and to donate 1 original piece of art to Canton's art collection.  The fund for this program will be managed by the Canton Community Foundation.  This program will solicit applications for the new artist in October 2019, and will announce the artist who is chosen in December.  The program is expected to start in March of 2020.  This program's expected outcomes include improved quality of life in the community and improved economic development.  Right now the program is focusing on the visual arts.  The committee is asking for letters of support from community organizations.  It will then work on securing a grant from the State of Michigan. 
Members are reminded to check the Club Website for upcoming meeting programs, upcoming events, and other announcements.  Also, please remember to let your Club President know if you will not be able to attend a meeting so that we can give an accurate count to the restaurant for food each week. 
Please work on assembling your backpacks for District Conference to be distributed through The United Way to the Windsor-Essex School District.  Have a great week and please join us next week for our speaker, Matthew Conquest, from Crime Stoppers of Michigan.
Foundation - "How we get and spend the Money"
We are joined today by PDG Rick Caron who will review the latest on the use of Foundation Funds in the Mighty 6400 District.


President Sue Kowalski started our meeting on time here at the L.A. Bistro and we are firing up the overhead projector for Rick's presentation:


First, few short announcements:

  • April 20th - Adopt-a-road is active at Geddes/Sheldon Rd to Beck.
  • Backpack collection is planned for the end of this Month (last meeting) to be distributed to District Conference in May.
  • April 23rd - Area 5 Picnic.
  • Mildred Brown Memorial Plaque Presentation Ceremony in Heritage Park is tentatively moved to May 6th (1st Monday).
  • May 10th -12th is District Conference - Caesars Windsor for 2019.
  • Just a reminder to let Sue know if you cannot attend for lunch (for an accurate count for the restaurant).
PDG Rick Caron, who is also the DRFC District Foundation Chair, gave the club a good review and update of the District Foundation history and funding.  This included the types of funds such as the Annual Fund, Global Grants, District Community Grants, matching methods and limits, common applications of the grants for clubs, and some of the educational aspects of the use of grants including Global Scholars and Vocational Training Teams.  We then had a brisk Q&A session and he also offered up some tips to help our club prepare for a Global Grant that included tips on partnering with a club in another community and performing the community needs assessment as an early priority.  We may also check with Nick in the LaSalle Club later for an example pf a project in Mexico.
Marlette was our good Sgt. for the club today and helped to corral Ken's cell phone for the club.  Also, both Marlette and Nathan will join us on some future vocational scholarship student interviews for the club this month as well.  The 50/50 was also run by Kevin, but John K. was not a winner today.  Next week: we have a visit by the Cultural Arts Commission on the Artist Laureate Program proposed for Canton Township.
Visioning Session Today

Canton Rotary Visioning


Rotary's Avenues of Service:


Club Service

Vocational Service

Community Service

International Service

Youth Service



We met today at the L A Bistro and had a continuation meeting for our Club Vision lead by our President, Sue Kowalski.



President Sue Kowalski started our meeting on time here at the L.A. Bistro:


First, few short announcements:


  • Four of our members made it to District Assembly.
  • April 13th - Dearborn Heights Club Mardi Gras Party.
  • April 20th - Adopt-a-road is active at Geddes/Sheldon Rd to Beck.
  • Backpacks are planned for the end of this Month (last meeting) to be distributed to District Conference in May.
  • May 10th-12th is District Conference - Caesars Windsor for 2019.
  • Just a reminder to let Sue know if you cannot attend for lunch (for the setup and charge).
  • We were also joined by a new potential member Visitor, Andrea Townsel, today.

Sue continued the Club Visioning process as initialized by Pat, Dean, and Ken from our previous meetings.  She distributed a review of vision listing by Focus Areas in Feb. of 2010 to refresh our memories of where we were then.  This was followed by a ten year plan proposal that covered this and new areas of focus for the club.
There was a lot of good ground to cover that included items from club size, public image, demographics, fundraising, foundation, avenues of service, and then a return to the Rotary Areas of Focus for 2019 and how we fit these with a target of 2 areas per year.  Members were encouraged to consider this and contact Sue and discuss what may be primary needs of the club today and in the future.
Sgt. Dean marshaled the club today and levied fair discipline from our members.  The 50/50 was also run by John K., but no winner today.
Flag Making
Today Dr. Alan Cooper shared with us a presentation on flag making.  Dr. Cooper has many hobbies, among them all things flag related. 
We rang the bell on time, and are happy to have Devin, Mary, and Margarette with us today from the Westland Rotary Club.  They are finishing up their passport visits, and we are very happy that they joined us.  Dr. Alan Cooper also joined us today and will help us design our own flags. 
Announcements today included a reminder about the Westland Rotary's Magic Show on March 30th, Dearborn Heights Mardi Gras Party on April 13th, District Assembly on April 6th, and District Conference and District Conference Backpack Collection for May 10th. 
Dr. Cooper talked to us about flags and their design.  He showed us several flags with "good design", and several flags with "bad design".  A flag has to do with identity.  He asked about the tree on our webpage and what that identifies with.  The immediate answer was "Canton".  Symbols on flags should be easily identifiable with who or what a flag stands for.  The five guiding principles to use when designing a flag are:
  • Keep it simple
  • Use meaningful symbols
  • Use two or three basic colors
  • No lettering or seals
  • Be distinctive or related.
Dr. Cooper left us with index cards to take home and design our own flags.  In the coming weeks we will talk more about this, and we will share what we have come up with for our own flags.  For those of you who are interested in more in depth information on flags, please see "Good Flag, Bad Flag" by Ted Kaye.  It is available on Amazon's website.  Thanks for your presentation Dr. Cooper.
RYLA Students are Guests of Club
Today we were joined by three of our four Rotary Youth Leadership Awards winners from the High Schools and one of their counselors.
We started out on time at 12:05 p.m.  We enjoyed guests today from the local High Schools who attended the District Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in November at Schoolcraft College.  This is a three day seminar for high school students who are taught leadership skills through a variety of activities, games, and dynamic speakers.  Our four attendees were Rebekah, Peyton, Sena, and Kalena.  One of their counselors, Erin Demarest, was also our guest.  We also welcomed back Andrae Townsel as our guest; Andrae is interested in membership in our Club.  Our Assistant District Governor Russ Jones also joined us for this meeting.   We extend a warm welcome to all of our guests.
Announcements today included a reminder about Westland Rotary's Magic show on March 30th, Dearborn Heights Mardi Gras Party on April 13th, District Assembly at Schoolcraft College on April  6th, and the District Conference Backpack Collection for delivery on May10th at District Conference for the Windsor Schools underprivileged students.  We welcomed Lisa Kennedy back from her President Elect Training Seminar; she said it was a good weekend but very busy and full of information.  Bill Tesen celebrated his birthday (actually on March 14th) with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday from the Club.
After lunch our RYLA students spoke to us about their experiences at the training.  Peyton and Sena said that the Presentation Skill training stood out for them.  Kelena was impressed by the Team Building exercise, and she enjoyed meeting new people.  The Club members mentioned that they were very impressed by these young people, especially their ability to get up and talk to a group of people, leaving a lasting meaningful impression.  Congratulations to all of our RYLA students.
Guest Jamie Yeats Speaks to Us About Shelter Box
Today Rotarian Jamie Yeats from the Detroit AM Rotary updated us on Shelter Box, and we presented him a check for $1,000 to go to Shelter Box and its work around the world.
Announcements from today's meeting:
  • Remember Westland's Magic Show on March 30th.
  • Dearborn Heights has a Mardi Gras Party scheduled for April 13th.
  • Remember our backpack collection for the District Conference Service Project.  Please partner up in groups of two to purchase and assemble your backpack.  They will be taken to the District Conference in Windsor and delivered to "The United Way Programs for Schools in our Community" for distribution to the schools in the Downtown core of Windsor-Essex.  Please bring your backpacks to the April 29th or the May 6th Club meeting.  See Sue K if you need a flyer detailing the supplies needed in the backpacks.
  • Remember District Assembly at Schoolcraft College on April 6th.  This is for ALL Club Members.  Registration is required by March 31st.
  • Please clear your calendars from June 13 - 15th for Canton Liberty Fest.  The Canton Rotary Club will be manning the Beverage Tent and everyone's help is needed.
After lunch we heard our speaker, Jamie Yeats, from the Detroit AM Rotary Club speak about Shelter Box.  Our Club has donated several boxes in the past, and we again donated $1,000 this year to purchase another Shelter Box.  ShelterBox is made up of people who believe in shelter as a human right – that shelter from the chaos of disaster and conflict is vital. No ifs. No buts.  They provide the tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives. They put families first.  They're determined to see a world where no family goes without shelter when disaster strikes – it’s the sole reason they exist.  Rotary is a project partner of Shelter Box.  Below Shelter Boxes are being readied for shipment to disaster areas.
Shelter Box was started in The United Kingdom in 2000.  Since being founded they have responded to over 250 disasters and humanitarian crises in almost 90 different countries and provided emergency aid for well over one million people.  They have evolved from providing the standard "Shelter Box" into providing a variety of boxes that are tailored to the different needs of the people they help.  Some of the countries and areas that Shelter Box is working in today are:  The Chad Basin, Ethiopia, Somali Land, the Philippines, North Iraq and Mosul, The Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria.  In Syria alone 13 million people need aid, 6 million are displaced, and 4 million refugees have fled to other countries, namely Lebanon and Jordan.  85.5 million people around the world have been displaced.  For more information please see
Our 50/50 was won by Lisa, but the ace of hearts eluded her.  Our Sergeant was Bill Simmerer.  And members were reminded that if they are going to be absent from an upcoming meeting to contact Sue K so that we can give the restaurant an accurate count each week. 
Have a great week!
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